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How To Select The Best Architect For Your Residential And Commercial Remodeling Projects


Residential and commercial architects are professionals who help the general public, builders and construction professionals draw up the best and most suited home, office or industrial plans for building projects.

Generally, the new architectural plans will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, office or building, at the same time complementing the rest of the décor to create a natural design flow.  

Architects can also help trim costs through selections of the best materials for construction and renovation projects.  Using the help of a professional architect has lots of benefits, most common includes saving lots of time to get your project completed, money and selecting materials etc.

However, to make sure you have the best remodeling house, office or building plan, you need to work with a professional architect who know your area, regional and national construction laws, has close relationship with contractors, builders and structural engineers.  Here four tips to bear in mind before you decide:


  1. Reputation of Architect - reputation can easily be determined by online reviews and customers’ testimonials on previously completed projects in Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
  1. Look at expertise and experience of architect on their website and social media pages: the level of expertise will impact the results that you can achieve from your remodeling architectural plans.  Architect must be familiar with your town or city laws, well versed with modern designs and building structures
  1. Consider, compare and contrast your home, office or building construction budget with architect plans. Most architect will help you come up with a reasonable construction budget, the best construction material selections to even selecting contractor or builder that can help you complete your project
  1. Have a clear project timeline define and expectation - every homeowner and commercial building owner will have few plans of their own that they want to see integrated in to architectural designs. The main advantage of using an architect is to help turn those dreams into reality. Hence, it is important to communicate your needs and expectations to the architect so that he can incorporate it in the best manner possible.
  1. Finally, high a construction project manager, for bigger residential and commercial renovations, it’s always best to high the assistance of a construction manager to oversee all aspect of your remodeling project and to ensure that renovations are done as per local bylaws and code. 

By choosing a skilled architect in Ontario and working closely with an architect and by making your remodeling expectations clear from the start, you can come up with the best architectural plans, best time lines and materials to complete your project in a timely manner.

About Author:

Michael Beattie is an experienced and highly innovative construction professional who has demonstrated technical expertise as Structure Designer and Construction Manager for over 20 years in Ontario Canada. Some of his most recent commercial projects in Ontario include:

  • Construction Manager Southcore Financial Centre Toronto Development
  • Construction Manager Delta Toronto, a next generation, 45-storey premium 4-star hotel.
  • Construction Manager for the Art Gallery of Ontario—Transformation AGO project
  • Construction Manager Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Michael is highly regarded in the construction industry in Ontario Canada as a leader, with a proven track record of producing strong results with a high degree of integrity, dedication and leadership skills.

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Samuel B

Thank you Michael Beattie for sharing this! My success in time past could be attributed to doing the right thing which is hiring professional architects that know their job. Some people often want to cut imaginary costs by not hiring an architect, but the truth is that they are getting it all wrong and would pay dearly for it.


It’s a pleasure to read through this post. I’ve worked with many architects and I’m happy to have worked with them. They really did good jobs on my projects. About cutting costs, I totally agree with you on that one. It’s one sure way of saving more while getting quality work.