Benefits Of Green Technology and Trends In Commercial And Residential

Benefits Of Green Technology and Trends in Commercial And Residential Construction Projects In Ontario


With the popularity of "green" products and services on the rise in Ontario and the trend not looking to slow down anytime soon,  residential and commercial construction development products and building techniques that are friendly to the environment are seeing a rapid rise in sales. Let's look at some of the green trends in construction industry and structure design:

Green development practices can be incorporated from the very beginning of the land building process. From the concrete, masonry, beams, doors, windows, mechanical and electrical systems, moisture and heat protection, finishes, appliances, pretty much for any aspect of commercial or residential development, there are green options and choices that can be made:

  1. Flooring - there are many green types of flooring now available. Wood flooring made from wood that has been taken from old or disused buildings has gained more popularity, since this is a smart way to recycle. For new flooring products, green commercial and residential builders can now choose from green choices like cork, rubber and bamboo. New linoleum products are also now available that can be recycled and are less toxic than their predecessors.
  2. Carpet - carpets are now available that are recyclable, use little or no toxic materials in manufacturing and are also lower in cost. Carpet tiles are a very green choice and are extremely easy to install and replace.


The main goal of green building in Ontario is not just to be more friendly to the environment, but also be a healthier place to live for the home or commercial occupants. In every aspect of a green home, building or office, non-toxic or less toxic materials are employed. Green homes will also blend in better with their surroundings and use much less energy and water.

Today, there are many advantages to building and living in a green homes or office buildings. While there may be a bit more upfront cost, over the life of the home, the savings on energy costs alone would more than make up for any upfront costs. More cost savings will arise from energy efficiency, water efficiency, landscaping efficiency and materials efficiency. Also, for very sensitive homeowners, a green home will have used much less toxic or chemical based materials, making a green home much safer and healthier for the owner.

Green Remodeling Trends - not only is green home construction a hot area with residential and commercial builders in Ontario, green remodeling has also come to the forefront. In Canada, existing homeowners can now incorporate green building practices and materials when they are remodeling their homes.

For example, in a typical kitchen remodel, the appliances are all replaced. In the case of a green home remodel, the appliances would all be replaced with energy star efficient appliances. Thus saving energy and money at the same time.  

In the case of a bathroom remodel, simply replacing a toilet with a newer model toilet will save several gallons of water for each flush, which adds up to a significant water savings over time.

Whether you choose to use green practices to build or remodel in commercial or residential construction projects for cost savings or environmental reasons, it's certain that green building is a trend that will only continue to grow in Canada.

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Anton Berger
Thanks Michael Beattie for this post. A planted or “green” roof, for instance, will have important economic advantages, by lowering the roof temperature and thereby reducing the number of cooling tariff required, and even lowering prices for neighboring buildings. A planted roof will cut back the environmental impact of a building, by reducing pollution. Also, careful use of materials will cut back energy consumption throughout the producing method and defend the health of occupants. Careful construction techniques will cut back the number of construction waste that reaches landfills by ninety fifth or a lot of. Re-use of existing structures will… Read more »
Sebastian S

I love the concept of green technology. It makes life easier and also makes living a more healthy life possible. With the world’s current population, green technology is or course, a brilliant way of saving the planet from green house effect, excess consumption of energy and Even the unnecessary wastage of water. I love what Michael Beattie researched and shared with us all to digest. Thanks for keeping us updated.