Residential and commercial construction project sites safety is a very important facet of the construction industry. Safety of contractors and overall construction team members should be at the forefront of construction management company, builders and project managers, whether it is building a new home, major commercial complex or demolishing an old existing structure. It is important that all team members and the general public are protected from hazardous and toxic wastes. In Ontario, construction projects safety also involves taking steps to prevent accidents, injuries, and falls.

Although construction sites can be dangerous places, and statistics certainly prove that, taking steps, training and disciplined to ensure safety can prevent a lot of common accidents in small and big construction projects.

Even if a contractor is not exposed directly to any hazardous waste, he could be exposed to it indirectly as part of his job.  Potential hazard to workers would depend on the duration and extent of the exposure to the hazardous material during construction. Illnesses and accidents that workers are exposed to on construction sites vary from project to projects and tasks.  For example, brick masons could be prone to developing cement dermatitis and postural changes due to the heavy loads they carry on a daily basis during construction. Electricians on the other hand, can be exposed to fumes, asbestos dusts that are harmful.

There are also different hazards for which construction managers and builders must take seriously to protect contractors from chemical hazards and physical hazards due to heavy load or heights. Here are potential options construction safety managers and builders can leverage to minimize risks and accidents:

  • Construction Footwear: wearing well-designed protective clothing
  • Construction clothing: wearing suitable footwear that can protect against slips and falls.
  • Safe scaffolding installation and general construction structures inspection from a structural engineer
  • Construction site ventilation
  • Continues training and emergency drills on best construction site safety tips such as taking frequent breaks, drinking water, chemical gas identification etc

These types of measures would go a long to reduce risks to chemical, exposure to heat and physical hazards. In major construction projects, standby medical personnel on site can help to provide immediate aid in the event of an accident and potentially reduce fatalities.

Toronto’s Michael Beattie is a highly innovative and experienced construction professional with expert-rank as a Structural Designer and Project Manager. Michael is dedicated to producing results, completing construction projects with leadership and integrity.  Some of his most recent commercial projects include:

  • Construction Manager- Southcore Financial Centre Toronto Development
  • Construction Manager- Delta Toronto, a next generation, 45-story premium 4-star hotel.
  • Construction Manager- Art Gallery of Ontario—Transformation AGO project
  • Construction Manager- Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital