After a record setting increase in housing costs over the last couple of years, Ontario Real Estate market has been dragging for over two months now due to recent changes in mortgage lending rules. The problem is that many homeowners and investors are trying to cash in on “red hot” the real estate market,  are now finding themselves in financial trouble as the demand for housing has slipped a bit.

Owners and real estate investors of good land in Ontario, however, are not going through the pitfalls that realtors are facing. This is why land investment is a safer and more lucrative way to invest. There are many advantages land investment has over commercial or residential investments. Benefits include:

  1. You do not need a realtor to sell land, huge savings in closing costs
  2. Land value is affected by its surrounding, not the overall real estate situation
  3. Less maintenance work required and can appreciates in value over time.
  4. Land Investors are not dependent on real estate cycles in the housing market.

So what type of land should you buy in Ontario?

Residential and commercial lots that are zoned near to all amenities and easy access to highways offer the best investments options  – utilities, road access, and the number of schools, hospitals, etc. is also extremely important for land investing.

There are other great options to invest in land as well. For example, If you own 100 acres of raw land, in Ontario, you might want to consider working a builder or construction company to build a subdivision.  This can great increase your return on investment and furthermore, if you can build a subdivision, with roads and utilities, the return on investment is staggering.

When it comes down to land investments in Ontario, it’s all about location, location, location.

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Toronto’s Michael Beattie is a highly innovative and experienced construction professional with expert-rank as a Structural Designer and Project Manager. Michael is dedicated to producing results, completing construction projects with leadership and integrity.  Some of his most recent commercial projects include:

  • Construction Manager- Southcore Financial Centre Toronto Development
  • Construction Manager- Delta Toronto, a next generation, 45-story premium 4-star hotel.
  • Construction Manager- Art Gallery of Ontario—Transformation AGO project
  • Construction Manager- Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital